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I've decided on a new look for my index ... well, mostly I've run out of room LOL!  Mouse over the
image to see the pattern info or click on the thumbnail for a larger view in a new window.
Barock. Anna 10/1986. 1086/16
Barock. Anna 10/1986. 1086/17
Barock. Anna 10/1986. 1086/18
Blätterkranz. Burda Special E903, 903/22
Blätterkranz. Burda Special E903, 903/20
Blätterkranz. Burda Special E903, 903/21
Blütenregen. Anna 10/1991, 1091/24
Cosmea. Burda Special E903, 903/07, 08
Dahlie. Burda Special E903, 903/61
Eiche. Kunststricken II, Abb 17
Erbstüllgrund. Burda Special E903, 903/42
Fensterbild. Burda Special E294, 294/07
Filigranblatt. Burda Special E903, 903/56
Filigranblatt.  Burda Special E903, 903/54
Filigranblatt. Burda Special E903, 903/55
Filigranblatt.  Burda Special E903, 903/56
Filigranblatt. Burda Special E903, 903/56
Frühlingsblumen. Burda Special E903, 903/09 originally published as Magnolie in Beyer leaflet 70671. But there are also two different Beyer Magnolie patterns that were sold in leaflets, the other large piece name Magnolie is Beyer leaflet 70409, featured on the cover of Beyer 228 but not included in the magazine
Gardine Blutenfeuerwerk. Burda Special E903, 903/24
Garntiur Sterblute. Burda Special 294, 294/02-4
Georg. Kunststricken II, Abb 2
Georg. Kunststricken II, Abb 2
Goldlack. Burda Special E903, 903/48-49
Goldlack. Burda Special E903, 903/48-49
Goldregen. Burda Special E903, 903/01
Goldregen. Burda Special E903, 903/02
Goldregen. Burda Special E903, 903/03
Kirschblüten. Burda Special E903, 903/29
Kirschlorbeer. Anna 07/1994, 0794/29
Kreuztanne. Anna 01/1985, 0185/44
Kreuztanne. Kunststricken II, Abb 18
Leberblumchen. Kunststricken II, Abb 23
Lilly of the Valley. Anna, Winter 2008
Lyra. Kunststricken II, Lacis Leaflet, Abb 20
Maiglöckchen. Burda Special E903, 903/10
Meteor. Anna 07/1998, Kunststricken II, 0798/25, Abb 3
Minettara. Anna 01/1985, 0185/45
Mitteldecke also potentially know as Hauswurz. Burda Special E294, 294/05
Nadelblatt. Burda Special E294, 294/10
Primel. Anna 01/1985, 0185/43
Regalspitze. Burda Special E903, 903/25
Ruth. Burda Special E903, Kunststricken II, 903/06,  Abb 9
Ruth. Burda Special E903, Kunststricken II. 903/04,  Abb 9
Ruth. Burda Special 903, 903/05
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E903, 903/26
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E903, E903/28
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E903, 903/27
Steinrose. Burda Special E903, Kunststricken II, 903/23, Abb 11
Teerose. Kunststricken II, Abb 1
Titeldecke.Burda Special E294, 294/06
Unknown. InterMezzo Leaflette.
Unknown. Lena 08/2007
Unknown. Lena 08/2007
Krokus. Burda Special E294, 294/01NOTE:  Niebling was a contributor (as noted on Ravelry)
Blütenkränze. Burda Special E294, 294/08NOTE:  From the Niebling Studio (as noted in the Yahoo Group)
Sonnenrose. Burda Special E294, Anna 01/1990, 294/28
Lampenschirmbezug. Burda Special E294, 294/57
Gardine. Burda Special E294, 294/56
Eichenblatt. Anna 07/1994, 0794/26
Kissen. Anna 07/1994, 0794/27, Variation of Fillgranblatt
Filigranblatt. Anna 07/1994, 0794/28
Nachtschatlen. Kunststricken II. Abb 10Abb 10.  Found it in a Dutch Niebling book. ISBN 9783897982604
The patterns below are patterns I highly suspect to be Herbert Nieblings, but I have not been able to
credit them so.  If you recognize any of these and can help me document them, PLEASE contact me.
Baldur. Kunststricken II, Abb 6.
Wilhelmine.  Kunststricken II, Abb 8.  Niebling was a contributor.
Ingeborg. Kunststricken II, Abb 13
Glöckchen, Abb 14
Deckchen, 07/1998, 0798/26
Susanne.  Kunststricken-Schöne historische Muster
Mittelgroβe  Decke-Uncredited, Kunststricken-Schöne historische Muster
Goldmohn. Burda Special E198, 198/07
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E198, E198/10
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E198, E198/13
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E198, E198/11
Schneeglöckchen. Burda Special E198, E198/12
Robina. Burda Special E198, 198/14
Sibella. Burda Special E198, 198/15
Weintrauben. Burda Special E198. 198/15
Fingerblatt. Burda Special E198, 198/32
Gundefriede. Burda Special E198, 198/33
Picasso. Burda Special E198, 198/31
Strahlenblatt, Burda Special E418, 418/02
Enzianblüten. Burda Special E418, 418/01.
Silberanemone. Burda Special E418, 418/11
Herbstblumen. Burda Special E418, 418/12. Not credited, but seriously LOL!
Blütenfeuerwerk. Burda Special E418, 418/13
Viereckdecken. Burda Special E418. 418/19 and 418/20
Unknown. Burda Special E418. 418/23
Orchidee. Burda Special E418, 418/24
Kornrade Oval. Burda Special E418, 418/25. Credited on Ravelry
Mehrteillige Garnitur. Burda Special E418, 418/31-33
Fuchsienblüten. Burda Special E418, 418/34
Kometenstern. Burda Special 418. 418/35
Blütenblätter. Burda Special E418, 418/36
Pfingstrosen. Burda Special E418, 418/37
Kreise Und Sechseck. Burda Special E418, 418/41, 42a, b
Garnitur. Burda Special E418, 418/50-52
Akazienblätter. Burda Special E418, 418/56-5
Viereckmotiv. Burda Special E418, 418/58
Unknown. Burda Special E418. 418/59-61
Grosse Decke. Burda Special E418, 418/62
Maria. Beyers Bunte Reihe Band 2007, Fig. 13
Unknown. Lena 08/2007. Also in Gestrickte Spitzendecken - Mine :)